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Oil & Gas

As anyone who makes a living in the industry would readily admit, oil and gas is a highly specialized field. To provide the highest-quality legal work for industry participants, lawyers should know the business inside and out, not just as attorneys viewing matters solely through a legal prism, but as experienced participants in the business themselves. Needless to say, not every oil and gas lawyer has gotten his hands dirty in the field.

This is what separates Dickinson & Wheelock, P.C. Beyond the individualized attention that a firm of its size can provide to its clients, D&W has legal and practical experience in the oil and gas industry, and puts that specialized expertise to work for its clients every day.

The lawyers of Dickinson & Wheelock know how the business works, from the inside. During summers in college, Mr. Dickinson worked as a roughneck in Texas and Louisiana. After graduation, he went to work as a landman, and then ran his own oil land services company for five years, prior to attending law school.

Dickinson & Wheelock can handle any legal problem faced by its oil & gas clients, because its lawyers have both real-world expertise and extensive legal know-how. From negotiating oil and gas agreements and property acquisitions to conducting complex oil and gas litigation, Dickinson & Wheelock provides customer-first, cost-effective, quality representation to its oil and gas clients.

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